Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Je Suis Alix.
Je suis de Maryland. Et toi?
Mon anniversarie le 1er novembre. Je suis brune et taille moyenne. No je suis grande. Je suis optimiste et sympathique. Je suis pas de tout patiente porqua je ne attendre pas. Je etudie l'art de historie. J'aime beacoup l'art de Degas, est tre bella. Je ne prefere pas du tout jouer a des juex video. J'aime beacoup ecouter de la musique et danser. Je ne prefere pas jouer au basket-ball. J' aime bien portir des chaussures rose, juane, noir, et un sacs marron, noire, orange.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Marie Laforet - Viens, Viens

C'est Marie Laforet. Elle est actrice et elle aime chante. Elle est beau et taille moyenne.
Marie was born to Armenian parents in 1939 in Soulac-sur-Mer. Marie became noticed for her talents after filling in for her sister at a talent show. She won the talent show, jump starting her career. She later went on to star in several different french movies such as "Plein Soleil", "La Fille aux Yeux d'Or", and many others. She latter married a movie director by the name of Jean-Gabriel Albicocco. Albicocco was actually the one to cast Marie in "La Fille aux Yeux d'Or" (The Girl With the Golden Eyes) This particular movie title soon became a nickname for the young singer, actress. Marie began to start singing as well. Her melodic songs were soft, elegant, and sophisticated. The instrumental music that she sang to were provided by multiple kinds of musical instruments. She later in her career wanted to break free from her sophisticated singing and partake in more edgy music and write her own songs. After multiple attempts she was permitted too. However, in the 1970's she decided to move away from singing and open an art gallery. She focused on moves a bit more, appearing in some French and Italian films. She sang once more, going on tour. All shows were sold out. She has been in show business now for more than 50 years.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Into the Night

Goo Goo Dolls- Sympathy


`Je m'appelle Alix. Je suis de Maryland. A UNCG, j etudie histoire d'art. Je adore beaucoup art. J' aime bien Edgar Degas et Lois Greenfield.

Je suis taille moyenne et brune. Je suis comique et raisonnable. J aime bien regarder la tele-realite et les jeux televises. J'aime beaucoup voayger la plage et jouer. Mas anniversaire est dedan Novembre. Mon hobby est danse et travailler un musuem d'art.