Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Celine Dion, une chanteuse

Celine Dion est une beau chenteuse. Elle est de Canada. Elle a quatorze freres et soeurs. Sa mari est sa professeur. Elle chante en une joie boites. Elle esy tres populaire. Elle faire la grasse matinee por les enfants. Elle fait de la guitare et el piano. Elle est un ecrivain. elle ecrit sa musique. Elle a des spectacles a Las Vegas. Elle est un de mes chanteurs preferes. Ma madre preferes sa aussi. Nous chantons sa musique. No tres bien que.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette est une Princesse française. Elle est née en 1755. En 1774 elle est devenue une Reine de la France. Marie Antoinette was born an Austrian Princess who later was forced to form an alliance with Paris by marrying young Louis XIV. However, she and Louis were quite different in the ways of their personalities. Louis very much enjoyed the quite things in life, building key locks, hunting, reading, and cards. Marie Antoinette enjoyed the arts, fashion, and the festive Paris night life. (E-sortment)Due to her frivolous life style of partying, disregard for proper etiquette, and the French Noble led her to create many enemies within the French court system. However, when she later became a mother her crazy night light started to slowly cease and she stared trying to make up for her past behaviors. However for many it was too later, she still tried her best. France in the 1780's was starting to develop economical problems and the people were starting to starve. Marie Antoinette tried to reach out and help them the best she could but her past behavior was used against her. "This led many to spread the tale that she said, “Let them eat cake” amid their suffering. All the people of France blamed the horrible financial state of affairs of the country on Marie’s behavior. When, in reality the huge debt was inherited from the previous King". (E-Sortment) The crowds couldn't be calmed by the monarchy and they began to plot to overthrow the monarchy. The mob stormed the Baastille and the palace. Marie, her husband and children escaped but were later caught. Louis was the first to be put on trial where he was later beheaded by the guillotine. Mari was next to follow him.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mon famile

Ma famile est grand. Ma mère a deux frères. Leurs noms sont Harry et Michale. Harry a deux enfants. Michale a trois enfants. Mon cousin préféré est Katelyn. Elle est ma fille d'Oncle Michale. Ma mamie takwahi est bizarre. elle est ma maman de mères. Mes parents de pères sont l'interdard.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ma Chambre


Je suis Alix. Je suis Armenian. Je viens de Maryland. J'aime ma chambre. J'adore ma lit porqua c'est douce. Ma lit est a cote de mur. Ma table de nuit est pres del lit. Ma etagere est sur du mur, pres de ma lit. Une lit est nouvelle et desordom. Ma placard est gros avec vetements. Ma plante est morte porqua je suis paresseuse. Ma chambre est lumineuse et meuble tres bien. Ma chambre est en desordre en mercredi, jeudi, vendredi et samedi.